Muslim Fashion Festival is an event held to accelerate the growth of the local Muslim fashion industry towards the global market. This event also brings together all the important elements of fashion from designers, institutions, academics, business, digital platforms, to associations and governments and the general public.
Muslim Fashion Festival aims at the competence of Indonesian Muslim fashion products in order to compete in the world market. At the same time marketing the excellence of Indonesian Muslim fashion through ready to wear craft fashion by optimizing the richness of local culture that refers to Indonesia Trend Forecasting.
Dyandra Promosindo together with the Indonesia Fashion Chamber (IFC) are optimistic about MUFFEST which can become one of the locomotives in driving the fashion industry in the country, and becomes a space for all parties and related stakeholders to synergistically integrate each other in strengthening the ecosystem of the Indonesian Muslim fashion industry. And in the end can realize our shared ideals, delivering Indonesia to become the center of world